Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jim Zivic

Tiffany Wheat & I were the two Tiffanys for a long time back when we both worked for kate spade.  And for this reason, we were even forced to sing karaoke together at the company's annual summer boat party.  That was many moons ago.  Now she is married to Jim Zivic, a furniture designer who has created his works of art for the likes of Tom Ford, Yoji Yamamoto, Yves Saint Laurent, and more locally, Austin-based, Cravotta Studios.  When she shared Jim's website with me, I immediately fell for these leather storage bins, which are also available in felt in great colorways.  They are made in the US and the leather is complete cut vs being pieced together.  Now, these would make work fun, wouldn't they? 

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