Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Merci Beaucoup

Dear Empire Baking Company, I ran off with your March 2010 Food & Wine issue from your stack of magazines.  This is what you get for not having any more Chicken and Romaine Salads left when I came in today.  And for residing dangerously close to Baby Gap and Paper & Chocolate.  xoxo

While in Paper & Chocolate, my go-to for greeting cards, I learned a valuable lesson.  I was searching for the Thank You cards only to find out that they carry very little Thank Yous and suggest instead that you buy a beautiful card that is blank inside.  Apparently, proper
etiquette states that if the card reads, "thank you", on the front, you should not use the words, "thank you", again in your written message on the inside.  I love little tid-bits like that!  So I bought this blank card below by Natalie Wargin
She has beautiful cards for every occasion.  Here are two others I liked:
I picked up some from Tokyo-Milk as well.  They are much more special in person as they are laid paper frosted with hand-glittered accents.  

And this is perfect since we seem to have an invasion of crickets in Dallas lately and everybody that I've told that they should not be killed because they are considered good-luck had never heard of this Chinese belief.


Katie said...

I did know that tidbit, but of course I am a stationery nerd!! Because of this thank-you note fact, you can always order some personalized stationery from a great site called ! Hehehehe xoxo

nikki said...

Love the halloween card!!!
Also love this blog!!!!!