Monday, July 19, 2010

On A Personal Note

We moved into a new (old) house just a few weeks ago.  So we feverishly scrambled to get some things into place in anticipation of family coming for a visit this past weekend. 
We hung paintings:
and painted shutters & bought flowers:
and monogrammed guest pillow shams (that need ironing again):
and recovered a little desk chair in Manuel Canovas striped fabric:
It was a long weekend filled with lots of laughing, pizza from Campisi's Egyptian Lounge, and fun with siblings and cousins who are like siblings.  Speaking of, my cute-as-a-button cousin, Courtney will be leaving TCU this fall to attend a journalism program in DC on scholarship.  While there, she'll be Bob Schieffer's first ever intern at CBS. I'm so proud of her and love her from the top of her head (we thought it was funny that she is the same height as Stella’s growth chart):
….to the bottom of her Renee Caovilla adorned toes (how cute are these sandals?!):
After a few nights in Dallas, our entire crew then took a mini road trip.  Here’s another set of cousins, Macey & Stella, with their Aunt Mindy, my sister.  These were happy girls with their DVD player and never-ending supply of goldfish crackers: 
 Once at the hotel, they couldn't resist jumping on the bed.  Who can?

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