Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Designer Crush: David Cafiero

If you could hire anybody to help you decorate your home, who would it be?  I have a short dream list and on it is David Cafiero.  I love that the sign for his shop, Cafiero Select, reads "by chance or appointment"...
I've had his work on my bulletin board for years now...Chloe Sevigny's apartment as seen in House and Garden January 2007:
Here are some other great shots of his Palladian Italian wooden house in upstate New York.  He has not installed electricity or heat so the barely furnished house stays lit by candles and lanterns. 

It's no surprise that David is close friends with another one of my all-time favs, John Derian.

{Images via Cafiero Select}


Divas and dreams photography blog said...

Fabulous and great inspiration!!

Love your blog :-)



Katie said...

Beautiful stuff! I would have Sarah Richardson or Candice Olsen decorate my home in a New York second. ;)