Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I have never bought anything from Z Gallerie before and yet today I got two things from there.  How cute is this elephant?  I have no idea where to put her but I'm thinking she'd be cute as the centerpiece at a party.  Let's call her Ellie. 
And then I couldn't resist these frames.  I was just telling my friend, Kelly, that I'm not really a photo frame kind of girl.  One time I went to a friend's apartment for a party in NY and I pointed to one of her pictures and said to my roommate at the time, "Carrie, look...Margaret has a picture next to her sofa of her kayaking with whales.  We have a picture next to our sofa of us sitting on the sofa."  Ever since then, it felt odd to have a picture of myself in my own home.  But now I have a cute little person to put in this frame:


Kelly said...

Ellie is great!! I need an Ellie!

Robyn said...

We have a Z Gallerie right next to our office! When decorating it we bought a few things there. I love your Ellie.
AND by the way, does your grandmother say the same thing my mom says about elephant statues? Always have the ones with the trunks up, not down. The downward ones are bad luck.

Tiffany said...

Yes! Trunks Up = Good Luck! xo