Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy National Oyster Day!

My grandparents have always had a place on the water, whether it be in Pass Christian, MS or Panama City Beach, FL.  I used to sit on the dock with my grandfather and eat raw oysters on a Saltine cracker with a dash of Tabasco.  Perfection!  In celebraton of today, here are all oyster related things I love:
Antique Oyster Plates
Some of my favorite places to eat oysters:
Swan Oyster Depot in San Francisco
Pearl Oyster Bar in New York:
The Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York:
Jack's Oyster Bar in New York:
Shocking that I grew up in Louisiana and I don't have a
favorite from there!  I think we'll be having oysters tonight. 
 How about you?


diane said...

we used to go to New Orlean's almost every summer...somehow my father would incorporate NO into every family vacation, and after hours on the road the first stop was always Felix's Oyster Bar in the quarter.....Acme was the second choice if we couldn't get a table~ mom and dad didn't want to "wait" for a cold one and their first dozen!!

Tiffany said...

Diane, I almost included Felix's on my list. Feels more authentic to me than Acme. xo