Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interview: Miles Fisher

The penny loafer is back.  True Prep: A Whole New World , Lisa Birnbach's follow-up to the 80's prep Bible, The Official Preppy Handbook is out next week.  And my pre-ordered copy of the third printing of the cult classic book, Take Ivy, gets released today.  So in honor of all things old school, I thought I'd touch base with a true prep (not to mention a true talent); Miles Fisher.  
If he looks a little familiar to you, like say....Tom Cruise...it might be because he did a dead-on impression of him in the movie, Superhero Movie.  Sometimes, he resembles Christian Bale and even parodied his American Psycho role in a video for his remake of the Talking Heads song, "This Must Be The Place".  And sometimes, he looks like a walking Polo ad as seen in the picture below, taken in Nantucket.    
Miles has starred in television shows such as Gossip Girl, Mad Men, and The Cleaner as well as films such as Gods & Generals and was just cast in the next installment of Final Destination.  He's also a musician and performed with the Harvard Krokodiloes (yes, this true prep went to Harvard, where he was chosen by his classmates to deliver the Harvard Oration for his commencement).  Here he is on the set of Mad Men:
He has a great sense of style and a great eye, which can be seen on his blog of inspirational images, Leslie Miles 
Miles is the childhood friend of my sister, Bo, and I'll never forget when I met him when they were younger.  My roommate and I took Bo and her friends to a football game at her brother school, St. Marks (where Luke & Owen Wilson and Tommy Lee Jones also attended school).  Miles introduced himself to me and my roommate and then he wrapped up our conversation by saying he needed to get back to the ladies at the bar.  He was maybe in the 7th grade.  He was charming way back then and I'm still smitten, especially since he was kind enough to answer the following questions:

PERSONAL STYLE:  Understated with a nod to tradition and an eye to quality.

MUST-HAVES:  A breast pocket on a button down shirt.  No matter how small they get, phones are still a little clunky.  In my pants pockets, I can't always feel it ring or vibrate.  Rather than take it out of my pants each time I get in and out of my car (don't want to sit on it), I've got it right where it's easy to reach.  

DAILY ESSENTIALS:  Until the next iPhone includes a great pair of glasses, buys my groceries, and unlocks my car, it's the four things I can't leave home without:  iPhone, wallet, glasses, keys.

ULTIMATE LUXURY:  Unconditional support from one's family.

ARTIST/PERFORMER YOU MOST ADMIRE:  Paul Newman.  Being a great actor is one thing.  Doing great things with that talent off screen is another.  He's unmatched in both arenas.

INSPIRATION FOR YOUR BLOG:  Mood boards and OCD.  Designers keep mood boards for things that inspire them for a current season.  A color, a fabric texture, a certain look.  My whole life I always tore out pages of magazines that looked cool (in part because I tend to file EVERYTHING).  Leslie Miles is a look at what I think is hip right now.

FAVORITE MOVIE:  Like a good beer, it all depends on the audience, the mood, and the time of day.  But take another look at Three Amigos.  If you can't laugh at that, I'll enjoy my beer with somebody else.

FAVORITE CITY:  At the moment, Malibu, CA.

FAVORITE LA HAUNT:  This town isn't short on good haunts, but Father's Office in Culver City is a win each time.

FAVORITE HOLIDAY:  Boxing Day.  Kidding.  Kind of...  
Are you smitten now as well?  I don't think it's far-fetched to say Miles IS the next Tom Cruise.  Or Paul Newman for that matter.  (The name "Fischer" seen in the background is not lost on me):



JMW said...

Wow, it's uncanny how he resembles Tom Cruise and Christian Bale in some of those pics, but then looks like a totally different person in others. Certainly easy on the eyes, isn't he? :)

Kelly said...

He's a hottie!