Sunday, August 8, 2010

McKinney, TX: Patina Green & Smitten

This past Thursday, I had my very first day off to spend all to myself in over 27 months (yes, that is how old Stella is).  I got my iced coffee and headed to McKinney, TX, once a tiny farm town that my stepfather grew up in and where streets are still named after his family.  Now the town is booming but the historic downtown square maintains it's charm.  I make this pilgrimage once a year to visit the shops and never leave empty-handed.  This time, I was on a mission!  My friend, Kimberly, at Quatrine had told me to hurry to the new Patina Green Home and Market store.  I loved their booth when they were at White Elephant Antiques (and even saved their business card because it was so pretty) and was happy to hear they were now in McKinney.  I love when you walk into a store and it's a complete experience...this is one of those places.
The first thing I noticed when I walked in was this amazing
wall, covered in Nina Campbell paper.  
Kaci Lyford told me it was a dream of she and her husband, Robert, to work together.  So she with her design background, and he being a chef, opened the space in a 120 year-old building along with Kaci's mom, Luann Van Winckel.  I had Robert's Tinga Tacos for lunch, which were amazing, and later the complimentary blueberry & white chocolate chip cookie. 
I sat next to Joe & Sue, tweeting away..
And then I roamed around the market and bought a jar of local Jalapeno Pepper Jelly, something I've never cared for but was sold once I sampled it there on top of bread with a slice of white cheddar...
The back of the store has wonderful antiques and finds...
Do you see those tiny boxes of chalk on the middle shelf? 
I bought those to put on top of children's presents..
Even la toilette is in character...
Oh, wait...did I mention the flowers?
From there, I headed to Smitten where my mom buys her French velvet ribbon.  Owner, Karen Dawkins also has an amazing selection of German glass glitter and seam binding,
which I love to use to wrap small gifts or attach tags.  Here are some pictures from her shop.  I'll need to go back once Stella gets her big girls bed because they have cute bedding, too! 
There are other wonderful shops around the square, such as Homepieces, and various antique shops and places to eat.  But I do recommend going around Christmas time when you can stroll around with HOT coffee in hand. 


Katie said...

Oooo- how scrumptious those stores are! And to go sans toddler (and husband, in my opinion) is a-may-zing! ;)

I don't like pepper jelly too much either, but I always put it out at Christmas parties (or any other time for that matter) and it is devoured every time. Simply pour it over a block of cream cheese and serve with wheat thins. It's good. And the red and green look so pretty at Christmas! ;)

Tiffany said...

Pepper Jelly is so Southern, right? Jeff had never heard of it. I've tried it on top of cream cheese but I like that the pairing with cheese & toast felt like a twist on the old classic. I'd like to throw a party and serve only quintessential Southern hors d'oeuvres like this, deviled eggs, bourbon balls, etc. Wanna come?

Amy said...

Oh, of all the things I want to do after boards, traveling to downtown McKinney is on my list! I would love to have you as my tour guide. We must plan a shopping trip there in the fall.

Tiffany said...

It's a date, Amy! xo

bink and boo said...

How fun!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, and thanks so much for posting about our booties.

P.S. I love your bio!

one sydney road said...

Oh wow these stores are just lovely! Would love to visit there. (and btw...had to say how envious I am that you got that great striped messenger bag!! i'm in love with it! thx for your comment today on a diary of lovely :)

diane said...

i want to hear more about the Tinga Tacos....of course!! :~D

Sharon Rowe said...

What a great blog on James. I'm absolutely in love with with him, his movies, his impersonations, his beautiful voice. Remember that song he wrote for Bo? Never had the opportunity to meet him, but through video, Bo and now you, I'm even more impressed. He's incredibly talented, good-looking and brilliant.

Precious Tippy, you were BORN TO BLOG. I just love your site more than life itself. xxoxoxox smooches to you, Bushie