Thursday, August 12, 2010


When one of my BFFs, Kristy Hurt, showed me pictures of her Brooklyn brownstone that she moved into a few years ago, I immediately wanted to know more about her dining room wall.
I figured it was wallpaper, but it's not.  Her friend and artist, Kimberly Kae, is the Creative Director of Murorosso, and she hand-painted that amazing wall!  Here are more pictures from their portfolio...

A dining room wall in an Upper West Side home:
A sitting room in Deal, NJ:
Custom stencil in mica powder in an Upper East Side foyer: 
Gracie who?  de Gournay what? 


Kristy said...

we finally painted that original wood white and it looks even better now. LOVE Kimberly Kae! She is SO talented!

seesaw designs said...

wow - handpainted? that's pretty amazing. it's beautiful.