Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shhhhhhh...rimp & Lobster & Antiques

This past weekend my grandmother made her famous shrimp & lobster sauce.  I asked if I could post the recipe but was told only if I wanted to be disowned.  But what I can share with you is another family secret...we love North Dallas Antique Mall (formerly known as Destiny's Antiques).  It's the closest thing I can find to a NY flea market, only it's indoors.  We have found SO many treasures (remember the set of books?).  The pale green hand-painted vase below is from there as well as the set of gold fish that held a song about shrimp.  But if you do go, please do not buy the ship paintings...I'm still contemplating them. 
Here are a few more pictures from our lunch.
Gorgeous hydrangeas in my mom's kitchen:
Stella's dress goes perfectly with the tablecloth:
mmmmm...mint chocolate chip ice cream:
Time to relax...


Bo Joplin said...

WOW! How beautiful! I'm so sorry that I missed out on the SHRIMPVILLE SHOWDOWN! Love the photos....and now I'm off to get a HUGE bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Katie said...

So beautiful!!! I have that tablecloth, too. I got it for a steal at Williams-Sonoma outlet and proudly display it on my round table despite it being stained by Spaghetti O's here and there. Now it has charm, right? ;)