Saturday, September 4, 2010

Little Bean

Last night we attended the first birthday of the children's shop, Little Bean.  There was a DJ, wine, cupcakes, face painting, and the icing on the (cup)cake...Catherine Fitzsimmons, creator of Rikshaw Designs was there with a pop-up shop of her Indian inspired collection.  I've been wanting to get her bedding for Stella's big girl bed but didn't think she offered queen sizes.  So she showed me the duvet that does come in queen and also the shams that she'll soon be selling separately to mix in with it.  Stella blew bubbles, colored with star-shaped crayons, and had a ladybug painted on her her words, "we had pun!"

I loved the strung carnations by Bows and Arrows.
Rikshaw's pop-up shop:
Blowing bubbles:
When we left, Stella said, "Now we go to another party!"  Oh, boy!   


Joslyn said...

so glad you guys came! i loved stella's top ;-)

Kelly said...

Sad I missed it :( LOVE Stella's little dress!