Thursday, September 16, 2010

What They Are Wearing

You'll have to make your way through a commercial first to see New York Magazine's chat with J Crew's Jenna Lyons and Amanda Brooks of the William Morris Agency during Fashion Week.  Love their effortless style.  

In other fashion news, Stella McCartney, has announced she'll be launching her own children's line.  Guess she had too much fun designing one for The Gap.  About a year ago, we took this picture below with promotional signage from Stella's collection but had to hurry because the store manager was on to us.


Evie said...

First of all, the commercial I had to watch to get through was awesome, lots of nice man candy action. Secondly, I wish I had just a 5th of the clothes that those two girls probably have in their day maybe!

Also, I didn't want to write it on my blog in case my current roommate read it...but I decided to live on my own!!! I was bolstered by your story of when you lived on your own in NYC...I found a place today and signed the lease and I'm SO ready to not have a roommate...that way when the place is dirty, it's dirty because I made it that way...not someone else!! I feel like I got a really safe location thanks for sharing your experiences!!!

Tiffany said...


Ohmygosh - I'm so beyond thrilled for you! You will absolutely love the freedom. Roommates are lots of fun up until a point. And it's the only little sliver of time in your life that you get to do this b/c eventually things change...boyfriends become husbands, you have little ones, etc. ENJOY!!!!! Funny you should write b/c I just rcvd your card in the mail. I'm so excited & appreciative! Can't wait to hear more about your new adventure! xoxo