Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Block Party

I was introduced to Virginia Johnson's work when she illustrated stationery for kate spade years ago.  I'm happy to learn that this talented textile designer has now launched a bedding line, which is hand blocked in Jaipur.
I'm really loving this look of colorful prints for bedding.  I prefer all white sheets and duvet for my own but could have a lot of fun in other rooms.  Here are some other great selections from Utility Canvas:
You won't believe the prices on bedding, napkins, tableclothes, etc. from Attiser:
Then of course there is Tulu, the textile company created by American-born, Elizabeth Hewitt, who married a Turk and lives in Istanbul.  I'd hop a plane for Turkey just to peruse this collection in person.  
Look at this pink duvet in a king on Amazon for less than $100!
I really am attending my neighborhood block party tonight and feel a little silly that I'm excited for it!  Since we are still so new to the neighborhood, I can't wait to meet new friendly faces.   


JMW said...

Ooo, this makes me want a new duvet or coverlet. Beautiful! Enjoy the block party and don't feel silly to looking forward to it. A fun social event with food, beverages and meeting new friends? Sounds like a great time!

Mo Pie, Please said...

Wow, these are incredible! I'm a sucker for bedding, I always want something new for our bed!

Nelle Somerville said...

I just read your cute comment on Darby's blog and I now love you! I feel the same. Way. Can't wait to start reading your blog. xoxo

Sanity Fair said...

So lovely! I wasn't familiar with her previous work. These are great pieces- love the colors.

grittygirl said...

Ohhhhhh. These are all so gorgeous. Just love worthy handiwork. Nothing like melting into a comfy bed with perfect stitching. 'nite 'nite

grittygirl said...

Precious Tippy Girl,
Please know that 'grittygirl' is really me - Bushie. An attempt to change this horrid name via google was a no go. xoxox