Monday, October 18, 2010


I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner tonight and turned to a food blog, Butteryum, that a family member introduced me to (Thanks, Robyn!).  Don't these two look like the perfect thing to have on a chilly autumn evening?    

(love the specs of vanilla in the cream)
My little marshmallow is in the midst of a big day to follow tomorrow. 


Nelle Somerville said...

I love fall soups. Thanks for the link.

Cindy said...

LOVE Butternut squash soup and this one looks absolutely delish!!

ButterYum said...

Hi Tiffany - thanks so much for linking back to my posts... such a treat for me! And thanks to Robyn for sending you over. I hope you'll both be back for a visit soon!!


Farmchick said...

This does look good and thanks for the link.

Robyn said...

Butter YUM is right! It looks delish! I really need to take the time to cook more. I read (in a 'diet' book) that you can eat anything (in moderation of course) as long as you prepare it yourself from scratch.
Thanks for mentioning me in your blog!