Friday, October 15, 2010

S Is For School

We have made a big decision to move our 2.5 year old from a licensed at-home daycare situation to a precious little nursery school.  We were late getting on the waiting list so when I got the call that a spot had opened up for her, my heart skipped a beat.  She starts on Monday, just in time for their Fall Festival!  Thankfully, I can now focus on this great new adventure as opposed to last week, when we gave notice to her care provider, who has watched her since she was 6 weeks was very stressful and emotionally draining to say the least.  This week we all took turns watching Stella to give her a little buffer before the big transition and I think it was the best idea.  My husband and I took her up to her new school on two different occasions  to help her get acclimated.  I think she's really going to love it!  I am such a dork...I had to write down the names of all the kids in her class (mostly just b/c I love the topic of names):  Aiden, Allie, Andrew, Austin, Brooke, Hailey, Jake, Mason, McKenna, Piper, Rex, Sophie, and Steel.  Now all I can think about is all things school related. 
Since everything needs to be labeled, I'm going to order these adorable ones below, which are  loomed in Europe from Namemaker.  They look like the kind you sew on but you can order iron-on versions. 
I loved seeing pictures back in Aug/Sept of kids heading off to school, some for the first time.  Now I can't believe it's MY itsy bitsy who is marching off to school and is going to make all new "priends". (F words are Ps...think, "pluffy", "plip plops", "plowers", etc.).   


birdie blue said...

she's going to love it. can't wait to see pics of her first day.

have a lovely weekend.

Bo Joplin said...

I Loves loves loves!!!

la franglaise said...

Your little girl is a darling. Hope she is liking it at nusery school! xx

Julie Holloway said...

What a big week...I know this transition is hardest on mama!!! She will love her school....and y'all will always love the caregiver, too!