Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Are A Prize

What a sweet message..."you are a prize".  Wouldn't these ribbons from One Hundred Wishes make a celebration extra special?  Maybe I should order one for myself in case I don't win the pumpkin contest. 


Pinecone said...

I hope you win the contest.

I found the houndstooth candle sleeves at You probably figured that out by now...but, just in case.


Everlasting Blooms said...

Hi there!

I couldn't resist letting you know how to put music on your blog, I saw that you wrote on birdie blues, If you go back to hers or click on mine...scroll down a ways and, at least on mine there will be a little box with a playlist on the right hand side, and underneath it there should be a box that says create your own playlist..then I think its pretty self expainatory from there...

~ Have fun!

pve design said...

These are so much classier than those beauty pageant sashes....I want one!

Sanity Fair said...

SO cute! I love the silhouette design.

Andrea Singarella said...

aw, thank you Tiffany! I'm so glad you like the ribbons. :-)
Have a great day!