Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fabric Love

While at the Chi Omega Christmas Market, there was one booth, No Girls Allowed, that I loved for both their products and styling.  But it was this fabric on their display tables that I fell in love with.  They told me they found it at a fabric store behind the Addison Airport.  In person, it has a wonderful faded appearance.           


Farmchick said...

Nice! I love the worn look.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

first, so glad i found your blog. i'm a dallas girl living in oxford, england.

second, the fabric strore that you are talking about, i'm pretty sure is called The Fabric Yard. Run, don't walk. it's fantastic!! :)

Storibook Designs said...

I'm pretty sure that fabric is a Covington. They had a pattern called Bosphorous that did really well for them and this appears to be the same collection/base cloth.