Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Are Happy To Serve You

It's finally staying chilly here in Dallas so all I can think of is how I can get The City Bakery to deliver hot chocolate to me all the way down here.  Maybe if I add marshmallows to my order it will meet the minimum dollar amount?  Oh, how I wish!        
This watercolor image also makes me think of coffee.  When I lived in NY, I would take the bus down 5th Ave and duck into Broadway Deli for my morning coffee and bagel before heading into work.  I love the iconic Anthora Cup and have wanted to order the ceramic version for a long time now from MoMa.

{First image via Caitlin McGauley}


JMW said...

Mmm, hot chocolate with marshmellows. That always reminds me of being off on a snow day when I was a kid.

Pinecone said...

The watercolor is great...and the hot chocolate sounds good too.

Although...I think we are doing Sonic kiddos are off from school for Veterans probably slushes.


Mo Pie, Please said...

Gotta love a chilly day full of warm delish drinks! And I want to know more about that work you did in NYC!!

Everlasting Blooms said...

Whats chilly for Dallas?? Michigan has been in the 60's which is SO warm for november...still waiting for snow up here :)

LOVE hot chocolate mmm...yum

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

Of course, as soon as I posted that, it's in the 70's. We have crazy weather. I guess chilly to me would be in the 50's. I miss my scarf & mitten days of NY, that's for sure!