Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chilly Weekend Mornings

Chilly weekend mornings remind me of when I lived in New York City.  I'd wake up early and walk around the corner to the Upper East Side neighborhood of Carnegie Hill.  It has beautiful brownstones, museums, prep schools, and a great selection of children's clothing shops.  It would be so early that bodega owners would just be opening up their doors and displaying fresh flowers.  I'd get a cup of coffee at Yura on Madison and walk around window shopping, peeking into the likes of Bonpoint and picking up magazines on the corner.  My mornings still consist of coffee and baby clothes...but in an entirely different way.  I do miss my morning walks in Carnegie Hill...
Flowers at the local deli
Ciao Bella Ice Cream
Brunch at Sarabeth's
Window shopping
A row of brownstones
Cooper-Hewitt Museum
Another UES thing I'm missing this time of year? 
The Christmas trees that line Park Avenue...


Farmchick said...

Christmastime in the city has its own special charm. I do miss the food and culture of living in a big city myself.

Beth Dunn said...

Great pictures!

JMW said...

That looks so inviting - those are areas of NYC that I would love to visit - just walking around, coffee in hand, browsing the shops and taking in the atmostphere. Reminds me of "You've Got Mail." :)