Friday, February 4, 2011

I'll Tumble 4 Ya

I love Tumblr sites since I have self-diagnosed Blog ADD.  There are only a handful of blogs that I actually have the time to stop and read...the others I just skim through looking at photos (do you do the same?).  Now there is a really fun Tumblr site on the scene...kate spade!   


Pinecone said...

I love tumblr sites too...completely addicted. I have my favorite blogs that I read every day and then just click on lots and take a quick peek.
Great picture by the way!

I can't believe how cold Dallas has been. It never got that cold when we lived there...crazy!
Have a fun weekend,

Kat said...

Oh how fun, that reminds me of my iPhone cover.

Tessa said...

great, now I have Culture Club stuck in my head! have a lovely weekend, from your blogging ADD sister

Evie said...

preeeetttty. I have the song stuck in my head now too!

red ticking said...

ok, i am so living in the dark... do not know any of this... i need a tutor for blog world!
but i do treasure your blog... and blue and white ticking... if you saw my collection you would scream!
xx pam

Your Southern Peach said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing. I love Kate Spade...she can do no wrong.

Heather said...

Oh, my--thanks for the tip!
Just found you through your comment on my blog. Looking forward to caching up!