Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tying One On

When I lived in NY throughout my entire 20's, I lived above the infamous bar, Dorrian's.  The preppy watering hole was known got it...The Preppy Murder.  It was also the hang-out for Yankees players and SNL actors.  Membership had its privileges...I had a collection of their pint glasses, could get in through the side door, and if the jukebox didn't play my song while there, no worries...I could still hear it even when I went upstairs.  The Dorrian family owned the 4 story building and at one time or another, we were all crushing on the Dorrian boys.  This was our second home.  This was our Cheers.  Nothing really ever changes there and I like knowing that. 
Last November, they celebrated their 50 year anniversary.  And to commemorate the event, Vineyard Vines produced ties with their "red hand" logo on them.  If you happen to know all too well about late nights at D's and would like a tie, you'll have to venture to 84th & 2nd in Manhattan to buy one.  There are still some left.  

{Photos taken by my old neighbor, Kerry Cheeseboro & via}


Town and Country Gals said...

What a cool place to have been able to experiance living! I bet you had a blast! Those ties are really great looking, the one with the dark blue backgroud is my favorite, very stylish!

Lindsi said...

You are just making me miss NOLA and NYC in these latest posts. I will have to send you a pic of a little something I did because I was thinking about NOLA today.

theLENNOXX said...

Cute story (except the murder of course)! I love the ties, very colorful and cheery. That reminds me, I promised myself to buy a few new ties for my hubby, but I never remember unless he is wearing one. Thank you so much for this post, I will note it on my to-do list =D

xo Linda