Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Who needs beignets when there are churros in the world?  Have you had this sugary, cinnamon treat that is the Spanish version of a donut?  I just polished off one filled with cajeta (similar to dulce de leche) and I can only imagine what it tastes like slightly warm.  The next time I have a gathering, I'm going to get a ton of these from our local Fiesta (Mexican market if you live in Dallas).  I think they'd be so pretty piled high on a large china plate.  Oh gosh...I just snuck back for half of another...I feel a detox coming on.
These heart-shaped ones are too cute.




Mo Pie, Please said...

I have never had a churro but boy oh boy do I want one. Right now!

Beth Dunn said...

Churros y chocolate? Oh I loved making that in Spanish class

Holli said...

I love churros and that looks SOOOO good in that picture.... now I'm craving them!