Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rose & Hudson

** Reposting due to Friday's Blogger issues**

Put on your glasses and come take a lookie-loo at a new(ish) tumblr site, Rose & Hudson.  Surely it will become your favorite, too!  What I like about it is that it's everything I love and it's not updated so frequently that my Google reader gives me a panic attack.        


Kelly said...

thanks tiff :) you know I absolutely adore your blog.

Mo Pie, Please said...

Man, I'm SUCH a sucker for photos and videos of dogs doing human things!

The enchanted home said...

OK I clicked was in total awe of the GORGEOUS images right before my very eyes however being a novice (month old blogger here so please be patient) what the heck is tumblr? I am so clueless...I love all these sites, but don't "get them"!! I need bloggers 911 to help me out on this one. This picture is a riot..too cute!!

Tessa said...

This picture made my morning! Golden's are THE BEST dogs!!! Off to check out the tumbr site!! Btw one of the songs on your playlist is in a new TV ad, always think of you when I hear it. your music taste is WAAAAAY cooler than mine!! :) Hope you are having a happy weekend, Tiffany!!