Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stormy Weather

Have you heard about the women in Joplin who never took tornado warnings seriously?  But this time she "had a feeling" - probably because she was now the mother of a 22 month old baby.  So she wrapped her baby around the toilet, wrapped herself around the baby and toilet, and her husband followed suit.  And then just as they were pulling a blanket over them, they saw the sky as the roof was ripped off.  They survived. 

Tonight, as three back to back tornadic storms passed through Dallas, all I could think of were the stories out of Joplin and Birmingham.  I've experienced a small tornado touching down around my house before when I was home alone.  And when I was pregnant, I found myself racing for the bathtub three different times.  But tonight was different.  I had a little one to protect.  I suddenly wished she could still fit into her Baby Bjorn so that she couldn't slip out of my arms.  And yet, between shaking, heart pounding, wanting to throw up, wondering if the hail I was hearing was really bricks being ripped from the house, I found the need to floss my teeth and straighten things up.  I actually cleaned for the arrival of a tornado! 

The storms have passed, my nerves are back in check, and my teeth and house have never been so clean!  Before the storms came, we took some pictures of the mammatus clouds in the sky.  And then Stella tried directing them out of Dallas.
Hope everyone is safe and sound!


Mo Pie, Please said...

She tried directing them away? That is the cutest thing ever!

I so very much completely understand what you went through tonight. I was so worried for my family back home that I had the weather channel on for most of it and was checking for updates constantly. I may have been more worried about it than they were (but they were all at my mom's hanging out in the basement). I was in a tornado in Wichita when I was 8 and it was the scariest, most traumatizing experience of my life. I can't believe the family in Joplin survived - that really warms my heart.

Glad you're safe!

JMW said...

Go, Stella! Send them on that bad weather on its way! Sorry you had to deal with such treacherous weather; looks like our turn is late this evening. I'm sure we'll be camping out in the basement, saying prayers that the storm doesn't do any damage.

Evie said...

They are so scary...April 16th we had tornadoes all over Raleigh and the rest of North Carolina (one of my favorite thrift stores was destroyed) and I was home alone at my parents house hiding in the interior closet! So scary, I'm so glad that y'all are ok! Stella sending the clouds away is unbearably cute! Is that a "wand" she has in her hand?

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

It is a "wand". She was literally yelling "go away clouds!" I'm currently looking into building a safe room. Wish we had basements here!

Holli said...

Wasn't last night awful?? I hate that kind of weather!

Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

OMG, we woke the kids up and went into the closet under the stairs. Luckily Harry is laid back and didn't cry...just looked at us as if we were crazy....Maddie was having fun with the flashlight and avoiding bed. Funny you should mention cleaning....I started cleaning out the fridge just before the sirens went off. Go figure. Glad you all are safe and sound. I sure missed my basement last night!

Pinecone said...

Oooohhh I remember those awful storms in Dallas. My husband was out of state for a few weeks in the Spring one year. I'd watch the news making sure there was nothing to worry about before I went to sleep...but then I'd be so fearful that it was all on me to make sure that my 3 kiddos would be safe if there was a tornado. It made me so scared.
I am so glad everything is ok with you guys!!!
Stella is soooooooooo cute!!