Friday, May 20, 2011

Whale Of A Deal

I'm one of those moms who wanders over to the boys section to find things for my little girl.  I find that there are better deals, better stripe color combos, and sometimes I just want a departure from pink and purple.  So while this whale sweater by Oscar & Belle may have been intended for little boys, I think it would be adorable for a little girl, too, and $45 for a cashmere sweater is a great price.
Another good deal I just came across are these darling red woven sandals by Little Monkey Toes.  I may need to take a tiny little break from Salt Water Sandals this summer and get these for Stella instead.  I have a thing for red sandals...they go with a lot more than you realize.  

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JMW said...

LOVE those red sandals!