Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Confessions Of A Bibliophile

I love Bookfessions.  Here are some of the confessions I like from their site as well as some  libraries I adore...
603. The best date I ever went on was when my boyfriend and I dressed up - me in heels, him in a bowtie - and went to the bookstore for the entire day.

577. I love going to a bookstore or library and just browsing.  It's my own personal therapy session.

579. I have a section on my bookshelf of books where I haven't read the last chapter because I don't want it to end.

576. I'm so in love with books, my thoughts are usually narrations.
{look at those tiny gold shell lights above the bookshelves}

312. A house is not a home without at least
one bookcase full of books.

294.  I had to get a new copy of Kerouac's "On The Road" after giving my old one a good life. I carry it with me wherever I travel and keep track of all the cities it's been to under the back flap.  Kerouac doesn't let me down.

280. I recite my library card number in my sleep.

268. I go out of my way to buy books that have notes written inside the cover.  I wonder what happened to those people - not only how this book reached them, but also what happened to them that this book ended up back in a store.  

Confessions of a magazine addict?



Evie said...

I LOVE this! When I get bored I start to write speeches or books in my head...that's normal right?

Paloma said...

this is just the sweetest post. i think i can confess to all of these at one time or another :)

Mo Pie, Please said...

I love this! Your date sounds like the best date ever!! And I don't want the book I'm reading now to end so I'm putting if off. Glad I'm not alone!

Tessa said...

what a fabulous post!! love it! enjoying you pins too!! xo, Tessa

Farmchick said...

Love this! My thoughts are narrations as well...I feel so much better knowing someone else thinks like that! LOL