Monday, July 4, 2011

The 4th

Parade.  Hot dogs.  Super 8.  Girl's dinner.  Crock-pot chicken tortilla soup.  Fireworks.  Brunch with friends.  Gardening.  Apple crisp using oatmeal cookie mix.  Swimming.  Confetti poppers.  More hot dogs.   
We may have to return to work tomorrow but it'll be a short week!


Holli said...

Sounds like the perfect 4th of July weekend to me! We loved Super 8 :)

Tessa said...

Thanks for your sweet comment - made my day! Glad you had a fun fourth too!! I broke into a little Christopher cross this morning as I pinned your sailboat picture! xo

Mo Pie, Please said...

She looks like pure happiness in all these photos! What a cutie pie.

Did you like Super 8? I loved it!

JMW said...

All the signs of 4th of July - looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Yay for a short work week!