Friday, August 26, 2011

A Southern Summer

I'd love to have a porch like this some day.  One where you can sit and listen to the cicadas, drink your sun-brewed iced tea, and talk and talk and talk...just seems like the perfect place to enjoy these long last days of summer.  Y'all want to come over?
Have a wonderful weekend!
And if you're on the path of Irene, stay safe. 


The enchanted home said...

What a perfect porch for alone time or entertaining family and it. Thats a year round spot...and a great place I can imagine to cozy up and read a book.

JMW said...

Pour a glass of tea for me - I'll be right over! Nothing like a big 'ol porch with rocking chairs to enjoy an evening. :)

tonijoplin said...

Summer porches and cicada's!!!!! Love it!!!!