Saturday, September 3, 2011

New York Tribute / Sept 3

My friend and co-worker, Kelly, and I share a love of New York.  We actually lived only a few doors down from each other on the Upper East Side but met here in Dallas.  We've decided to pay homage to our favorite city this month by doing things such as renting the movie, Manhattan and going to Rex's Seafood Market for their Friday-only lobster rolls (our NY favorite is Pearl Oyster Bar). 

Today Jeff and I continued by doing something we would have done in New York and that is visiting a museum.  I passed by The Metropolitan Museum of Art every day when I lived there and loved The Whitney and The Frick Collection in particular.  Here in Dallas, the Nasher Sculpture Center fit the bill and was lots of fun for Stella, too. 


The enchanted home said...

What a great tribute to NY! And your daughter it too cute.....that picture of her starting up at the big painting with her arms behind her back is seriously too cute and that warrants blowing up into a poster!

Holli said...

The photo of your daughter staring up at the painting is priceless... I love that!