Thursday, September 29, 2011

You Are...

My husband gave me the sweetest birthday card that I had to share.  He spends a lot of time picking out the perfect one - and he always gets it right.  It read:

You Are...

my wake-up kiss.
my mid-day chat.
my "Did you hear?"
my "How 'bout that!"

my confidante.
my biggest fan.
my ego check.
my master plan.

my sounding board.
my other view.
my best advice,
my "Good for you!"

my steady date.
my "hurry-up" tug.
my hand-in-hand.
my loving hug.

my better half.
my happy life.
my one true love.
my gorgeous wife!

you are everything to me.


The enchanted home said...

That is so sweet, yep sounds like true love to me.

JMW said...

Ah, how sweet and what a great hubby! Is today your birthday? If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tiffany!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Oh, and glad to hear little Stella is wearing a Duke shirt in honor of her daddy's nickname, not in honor of the Blue Devils. Clearly, I'm still bitter about a certain 1992 NCAA basketball game. :)

Anchor Cottage said...

Thank you for sharing. Loved it.

Jennifer said...

so sweet!!

Your Southern Peach said...

How very very sweet! I hope you have a wonderful birthday Tiffany :)


Holli said...

That was so very sweet... :) I hope you had a greast birthday!

Nelle Somerville said...

That is awesome! What a sweetheart. Happy, Happy Birthday cutie. xoxo, Nelle

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

What a thoughtful and special card. I really like it's message!

Tessa said...

happy birthday, tiffany! and you are are right, i've kind of fallen off the blogging band wagon. hope to get back up again soon. i haven't felt like writing which is odd for me. i love the card picked out by your hubby. it made me laugh. my husband is an excellent card picker too. our first anniversary he gave me the sweetest card and the one I bought for him said "hugs and kisses from your ever loving missus" i've worked a bit harder since!! :)