Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'm not one to really decorate the house for all the various holidays per se.  I like a more subtle approach...for example, I put orange tapers in my Tiffany crystal candlesticks.  But Stella LOVES Halloween.  It's her favorite holiday.  So I figured we'd have a little fun with it and we made these to hang in our bay window.


Your Southern Peach said...

Hehehe! I love your "orange tapers" in Tiffany candlesticks." I am right there with you :)

My husband's bday is Halloween and like you say, the kids do love it, so I tend to decorate a little more than I normally would.

I like your simple pumpkin and ghost garland and may have to copy it for my house this year!!!

Thanks for making me giggle :)

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Hi Tiffany! I just stumbled onto your blog and I love it!! I adore all of the decor! I see you are in Dallas...so am I! I am your newest follower and I hope you will follow back! Many blessings to you!

JMW said...

How cute are those decorations?! My kids are begging for the same thing. They see skeletons and witches at other houses and want to do the same. What, my mums, autumn wreaths and gourds aren't enough? :) And, I love Stella's quote from the previous post.

Tessa said...

oh, I used to be the same. Subtle fall decorations. I now have tombstones and fake spider webs and a frightful cloaked lady, skeleton bones, and giant skulls gracing our front yard. maybe a couple obnoxious inflatables. maybe. it is andrew's FAVORITE holiday. i caved about three years ago. i'm determined to keep Christmas and Easter simple and classic but I'm afraid I lost Halloween. :) i thought of you tonight as i made those black bean, cilantro slaw and feta tacos that you pinned --- deliciousness!!! you'll love em!! xo, tessa