Friday, October 21, 2011

Miles Fisher In Town & Country

If you were with me back in the beginning, you might have read about my sister's good friend, Miles Fisher, here when he was sweet enough to chat with me.  Now he's in this month's Town & Country (a 2 page spread you must check out) and in Clint Eastwood's upcoming film, J. Edgar.  I'm so thrilled he is finally being recognized for the amazing talent that he is!  I promise he is one to watch.


JMW said...

Wow, I'll definitely be watching him (how could you not??). Also, loved the idea about what to do with leftover cheese. Great suggestion!

Town and Country Gals said...

He's gorgeous, and talented! Kind of reminds me of a better looking Tom Cruise. Will definitely be watching!

Holli said...

How cool! What a gorgeous guy... I'll be sure to keep my eye out for him in J Edgar.