Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I think Pinterest is making me crazy.  Some days it overwhelms me, some days I go on sprees and can't stop pinning, and then other days I fancy myself a pinning elitist.  But then the craziness sets in.

For instance, I can't stop pinning pumpkin recipes... 
I don't even like pumpkin!  But wait...maybe I do???

And I'm really relieved to realize that I'm not the only one
who likes low-brow casseroles like this... 
But wait...the others that are pinning stuff like this are skinny.  So do y'all just pin these to make me feel better about myself?  Or do you only feed this to your kids and you're really eating Boston Bibb for dinner?  Cheaters.     
And this door...
Is this in New York?  Did I see it when I lived there or is it only familiar because I've seen it a million times on Pinterest?  This is called Pin-ja-vu or me simply lacking the ability to separate real life from my Pinterest life.    
Sometimes I have to circle around something
for a long time before I pin it.  
Not even sure why.  Maybe because I'm partly annoyed that everybody has pinned it already?  But when I do and it's been out there forever, I don't want you to think I'm seeing it for the first time.  Sheesh. 

Sometimes, when I've been circling around a pin and then my friend, Kelly, pins it, that confirms it for me.  Or Tessa.  Done!  Pinned!  

Sometimes I pin and then delete.  Especially if it hurts my eyes because it's the only bright image on my board in a sea of calm.  Can't even show an example here because I've deleted it. 

I like to late-night pin and I like when I see others are late-night pinning, too, as if I find comfort in knowing they are all safe and snuggly in bed, like this bunny, whose clovers make it appear as though he's sleeping under Porthault sheets.

The End.
Or is it?
I mean, tomorrow is another day and a whole new set of images.
But when does it really end? 
I just hit the 3,000 pin mark. 
I was kind of hoping it never got to that.



Town and Country Gals said...

I'm so glad it's not just me! It's so addictive, but I love it! I'm up there to, but not as far as you!
I'm going to visit you on P and see just what you've got that I know I will need!

Town and Country Gals said...

Girl, where is your link to Pintrest? I'm going to try to find you, hope I can! There is a link to mind on my side bar. Let me know how to find you in case I can't!

Evie said...

ahhhh hahah...oh pinterest...

Farmchick said...

I am a bit addicted too. So easy to pin the things I love and so easy to pin so many things!

JMW said...

Love the images you've pinned and featured here. I just had my invitation to Pinterest confirmed, but have yet to take the plunge. I want to do it, but I know me, and I'm afraid I'll obsess a bit. :)

On another note, I've been meaning to get your thoughts on "Most Eligible Dallas." Caught a brief moment of the show the other night and wondered, "What the what?" So, just had to reach out to a Dallas gal and get the skinny on it. I have a feeling that authentic Dallas folks don't care for it. :)

Holli said...

What's your Pinterest link? I am so addicted to that site!

Jennifer said...

love the rant. happy weekend!

Everlasting Blooms said...

It's SO addicting! I just joined not that long ago and am going crazy with all the ideas out there!! :) LOVE it!

Tessa said...

do you even know how much i loved this post. lordy, we are alike. but wait, i already knew that. sometimes i wait to visit your blog b/c i know for certain i will WANT to leave a comment and I rarely have time it seems lately. instead i find myself on tumblr sites and pinterest with growing frequency for a quick fix, though it's not quite the same as blogging. I actually read this post of yours a week ago and didn't have a chance to comment. i would repin every single image of yours but fear it might come across as a bit stalkerish. i must confess, sometimes i just go to your boards to look at them b/c they are so pretty and make me happy. xo, Tessa
ps. will i be invited to stella's derby party b/c i'm quite fond of that board too.
pps. have i said too much?! are we still blog friends?! :)