Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ready To (not) Wear

I have a friend who has made it a tradtion to get Stella a pair of PJs from Hanna Andersson every Christmas.  Since Stella has become rather persnickety with her clothes, we thought it would be wise to give her the catalogue and let her choose.  We looked through it together and it became very clear that everything I liked, Stella did not, and everything she liked, made me roll my eyes and bite my tongue.  

I was having such a hard time shopping for her this fall because I've liked nothing in the stores.  You're hard pressed to find tops without words, illustrations, tulle, and glitter.  And then you have to deal with your little ones preferances...Stella detests leggins right now, making it even more challenging.  I finally turned to the internet and went on a search for corduroy pants that weren't in dreary mauves and grays or some hard-to-match blue.  Imagine my relief when I fell upon...wait for it...Osh Kosh.  I know, a little crazy that I forgot about this true blue staple from our childhood.  Here is what is shipping to me now or soon to be in my cart.  Tell you have any brands you always go to for your little ones?  And I mean for the day-to-day/nursery school wear.  Are boys easier to they get persnickety?  

 I plan on getting a big monogram on this one...

Cords in bright, cheery colors...

How cute will this be in the summer w/ Salt Waters?!




birdie blue said...

i stopped in an osh gosh store the other day looking for sweaters, and was very surprised. loved the navy cords and corresponding fair isles.

there are some pretty good coupon codes out right now, e-mail me if you need them.


Lindsi said...

do you ever dress her in TEA? It is MY FAVORITE for boys and girls. They always look so put together, but they are comfy play clothes. (and they wash SO well) LOVE THEM.