Friday, December 16, 2011

My Little Reindeer

Stella had to bring something Christmas related for Show & Tell today so she decided to put on her reindeer antlers.  I couldn't help but look back at when we put them on her during her first Christmas.  Funny she has the same goofy smile in both. 



Well, I have created a spreadsheet (and an exit strategy) for my shopping spree this weekend.  I'm almost excited for the challenge!  I need all the walking anyway since our office has been bombarded with holiday cookies, pizza, tamales, petit fours, chocolates, etc. What will you be doing this one last weekend before the big day?   


Holli said...

OMG, so cute!!! I love these pics :) My best friend is flying in for a visit this weekend so we'll be doing girlie stuff.. can't wait! Good luck shopping :)

The enchanted home said...

She is totally the cutest reindeer I have ever seen!

Farmchick said...

She is so cute! Shopping is on my agenda. I will be glad when it is finished!

Katie @ Cayenne Paper said...

ADORABLE! I love me some Stella and only wish I could put her and Libby together to see what kind of clothing tantrums they could come up with. Isn't that so much fun in the mornings?!

I shopped last night, but am sure I will end up at the mall with 1 million other crazies this weekend.

Also, a friend from the blogosphere, Katie (cool name), just moved to Dallas and I directed her to your blog. Check out hers. She's adorable, southern, and has the cutest blog:


xoxo Katie