Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Weekend Thoughts

I'm up in the middle of the night watching The Next Iron Chef challenge, which makes me hungry, trying not to sneak into the kitchen for leftovers of the best appetizer I've ever made...Ina Garten's Soppressata and Gruyere Cheese in a Puff Pastry.  I was one of three houses that hosted a progressive neighborhood party this weekend and this was so easy and beyond delish! 

I also went to my mom's to celebrate my aunt and uncle's birthday.  Thought I'd share some pictures of her tree with you because she has another great alternative to a tree skirt.  She wraps around the base what appears to be snow.  She gets this filling/cotton candy type material at Joanne's, first layering the non-shimmery kind, and then tops it off with the shimmery kind.  You know how you look below your tree and it's kind of dark down there?  The lights bounce off the "snow" and illuminates, showing off your presents. 
For years now, she's surrounded the base with baskets,
and here they are waiting to be filled with gifts.  Or little girls.
It was nice to wind the whirlwind weekend down
with a birthday dinner and watching football.
I better go back to sleep now...have to wake up in 2 hours.
Nite nite.  Or good morning!


Evie said...

thats a really good idea for a tree skirt....I bet it's good at catching all of the pine needles too so that maybe you won't have to find them vacuuming for a year!

Holli said...

That is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Tessa said...

is it wrong that i'm totally fixated on your mom's wall sconce??!!! maybe. but i doubt you are surprised! :) glad you had fun with your party. i must make that ina recipe. pretty pics!! xo, tessa

Town and Country Gals said...

how gorgeous is that, and how cute is Stella in a basket!

JMW said...

Your mother's tree is lovely. This post brought back such a good memory for me. My mom did something very similar with our tree growing up. Then, she placed the "Christmas Village" underneath, so it looked like a New England Christmas scene. BTW, must try that recipe from Ina. Sounds delish!