Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I was chatting with a fellow mom yesterday who told me she hates those moms who sends their child to school with a valentines that have "things like their picture in a heart or a monogrammed sticker".  There was lots of eye-rolling.  She said it felt like a competition. I nodded in agreement knowing full well that I had just placed an order for the most precious personalized stickers for Stella's valentine favors.  Don't get me wrong...I do find drugstore valentines so charming; that's what we grew up on.  But when I found ARMOMMY's envelopes with sticker labels last year, I was in love.  It's such a no-brainer for a busy mom and Rae is such a delight to work with.  I placed my order yesterday so I bet there is still time for you to do so, too.  I chose the tent design that reads "I think your're tops" and since it's a circus theme, I'm going to fill it with a mix of popcorn and pink and red M&Ms.  

She also has some DIY printables that could be a fun project to do with your child.

So what is your school favor strategy?  Do you find pleasure in thinking and executing or do you find yourself at CVS the evening before, hoping they aren't sold out?  


annie said...

Nothing wrong with CVS spongebob or whatever is in at the moment...but these are adorable. Love them!

Jennifer said...

So glad you're back! I know I must admit I did valentine's from ARMommy last year :) Couldn't resist. xo

rae ARMOMMY said...

thanks so much for the sweet tribute to our valentines! love connecting with other moms through blogs, etc.... i've had fun poking around your posts! love the note about gnomes. griffin and tilly have several in their room! xo

Tessa said...

so glad you are back!! :) yep, i'm with you. charlie's armommy tags arrived yesterday ~ the little owl. and i downloaded the googly eyed cards for andrew. i did get red gingham check bags from another site though. i'm suppose i'm one of those annoying moms, but valentine's is my only day to get away with a whole lot of cutesy and even a little pink in my all boy world!!

pve design said...

Any old or new kind of Valentine's love works for me, even a box of those candy hearts that say silly things seem sweet. This is one of my personal favorite holidays.
I love the hand made variety of anything but when I was little, store bought seemed such a far off desire. My Mom raised 7 so we had to be creative and thrifty. Red and pink construction paper, doilies, scraps of ribbon, old buttons. Those were the days.

JMW said...

Those are adorable. Wish I had the time and creative mind to do the DIY valentines. We're likely going to hit Target this weekend for the Disney Princess and Lighting McQueen variety. :)

eas said...

hi from your newest follower. i am the mom who dreams up something crafty and love every minute of it. although i do have a soft spot in my heart for the store bought valentine's.

By Nela said...

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Katie @ Cayenne Paper said...

It is a competition- to see who is the best mom, blogger, wife, woman, designer, party planner, and overall dresser, right?? ha ha ha
I must say that I love anything monogrammed or hand crafted, although we do have some leftover Disney ones from last year. I think we'll hand-make ours, but will stay simple. After all, 18 students x twins = a lot of time! I look at it as good handwriting practice.

Unfortunately, someone in their preschool class has life-threatening food allergies, so no food of any kind is ever allowed to be brought in from home- including treats. :( So, we'll keep it simple and will just pass on the labels. Did you see the ones on my site? I want all of them, which can be a problem! ;)