Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mom & Pop

A floppy hat.  A handful of postcards just for fun.  Maybe the best hot dog you've ever had.  And a cup of coffee.  Nothing really beats a good general store, especially when you stumble on them while on a road trip.  But look around.  Is there a little shop you've been meaning to go into that's just around the corner from your house?  Well, today is the day because it is National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day. 

The image above is of the Broome Street General Store in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.  A friend and old co-worker of mine opened it and named it after a street we once worked on.  I'll take those bags!  And a latte.  Oh, and what are those cute shirts?    



Jennifer said...

Looks great! Do I know who?

Tessa said...

i wish we had a little general store! there seems to be one in every town in MA but sadly not here. My favorite is the Brewster General store in Cape Cod. It is a short walk from the home we rent and they serve the best doughnuts in the morning and ice cream in the afternoon and evening. There is a large wooden marble maze that used to hold much fascination for my brother and I when we were little, now my own boys play with the same one. There was a fabulous general store by Jimmy's old work too that made the best turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing sandwiches. We used to joke around that we'd open one in our town. The one in the photo looks charming as can be!
xo, Tessa

annechovie said...

Looks like such a charming place, Tiffany! Hope you and the fam are well. Have a good week! xo

Holli said...

What an incredibly cute place!!