Monday, March 5, 2012

A Week In Pictures

A peek into Stella's world this past week from my iPhone...

Donuts + the park = a perfect Saturday.

Feeding the ducks at White Rock Lake.

Silly faces at dinner after dance class.

The Lorax on the IMAX.

Finding worms while we planted flowers....
hard to believe spring does not start until March 20.

Stella + Lucy, our neighbor's dog.
Stella actually asked me to take this picture.

Have a good week! xo


Your Southern Peach said...

How sweet! We're also a fan of donuts and the park :) I know, I can't believe spring is still weeks away with this warm weather we've been having all winter. Seems so strange.

eas said...

What a fun weekend! We enjoyed donuts this weekend also. I love the pics of her watching Lorax and planting flowers!

Holli said...

The weather has been gorgeous!! Glad you two got out in it to enjoy it this weekend :)

JMW said...

What a cutie! Hasn't this mild winter weather been a God-send? It's been great to have the kids play outside instead of being cooped up this winter. Did you like the Lorax? I want to take the kids.