Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Reason To Have A Party

How adorable is this line of paper party ware at Target?  I have an urge to majorly stock up! I wish you could see the cute dots on the pale blue plates. Better yet, just go take a peek in person.

Those pink & orange!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

John Derian for Paperless Post

I absolutely prefer good old fashioned paper stationery, however, I just found myself in a time crunch and was thankful for I sent invitations out for Stella's Kentucky Derby themed 4th birthday party through their site. Have you used them? It's the more stylish, fresher version of e-vite, and while not completely free, the price-friendly option is so very much worth it. They have cards designed by favorites such as Mr. Boddington, Linda & Harriett, and Boatman Geller. Today, they've just launched a collection of invitations, save the dates, and stationery by John Derian (insert squeal).

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random Weekend Thoughts

The weather has been "let's sit outside" kind of amazing. So today we had lunch at Garden Cafe, a restaurant tucked away in the historic Junius Heights neighborhood. We sat in the middle of their garden and Stella had fun trying to pet their chickens, Francesca, Sunshine, and Violet. Then we peeked into Little Bean, my favorite children's boutique in Dallas.  Here are a few shots... 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Reason To Have A Party

I often wonder how party planners stay up to date on latest trends. Remember the old days of disposable cameras on each table at a wedding? Now it's photo booth concepts. Well, here is one I really think is adorable.  It takes the photo booth one step further and at the end of your session, you walk away with a flip book. It's entertainment and a party favor all in one! Here's how it works... 

Whether for marketing or partying, the possibilites are endless! Here's the link for

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tennis Love

I thought a bagel is what I picked up along with iced coffee before heading into work back in NY.  Apparently, it's also a tennis term for winning or losing a set of 6-0.  

There are tennis courts right behind my house and I've often contemplated trying my hand at the sport. These monogrammed canvas tennis bags by LA Plates make me want to try even more.  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tartan Day Parade

The New York Tartan Day Parade takes place today at 2:00 at 6th/45th. I suppose if you couldn't make it, you could always celebrate by creating your own plaid. Wouldn't that be neat?!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Hello, hello. Just popping in to post some Easter pics. I adore seeing all of your pictures around these sweet holidays. They just warm my heart and make me smile. I felt a little bit like Super Mom last week when I discovered that Stella was on her way to being a pink-eyed bunny for the holiday, thus feverishly attempted to get antibiotic drops for her after-hours. Had I not, she was going to miss a big egg hunt and two birthday celebrations. I had to jump through some hoops, but this little girl did not miss out in the end. My cape is now at the dry cleaners and Stella is none the wiser. Childhood is such bliss!

We had a late lunch on Easter at our house. I made these jalapeno cream cheese crescent poppers as apps. They were so easy, delish, and you can make them ahead of time, keep them refrigerated and put them in the oven minutes before your guests arrive.  This is a keeper recipe, for sure.

Stella's basket is extra large and I've banned all small items from entering the house because if I don't, Stella will be the subject of a news story, "Toddler Buried By 1,000 Small Plastic Toys". So, I carefully selected a few larger (in scale) items for her basket: a pair of DVF/Gap shoes, a large chocolate bunny, a Richard Scary illustrated book, a candy-filled paper egg, and one of these delicious giant rice crispy treats.

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend. If you're in the areas where they are predicting severe weather, I pray that you'll remain safe. After last week's 17 tornadoes that hit the Dallas area, I'm paying close attention to this particular storm. My husband was on a golf course that day, where a small one touched down, and Stella was huddled in the hallway of her school with nap mats held above their heads. She seemed like one tough cookie when I asked her about her experience because she was very blase about it.  But it must have weighed heavily on her mind because two nights ago she started telling me how scared she was that she would not "come home again to see her mommy and daddy".  Heartbreaking. Why don't I live in Nantucket?              


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bunny Tails

Wishing you chocolate bunny ears and cotton bunny tails!
Happy Easter!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Picture Perfect

I am madly in love with this image and am so thankful Pinterest led me to this gallery of images to see more of this home.  The kitchen.  Oh, the kitchen.  I would love to wake up and have pancakes and coffee in there!  Take a peek here.   

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hippity Hoppity...

Last week I became that mom who misread the time on a birthday invitation, raced over there in the hopes that Stella would have at least 10 minutes to say Happy Birthday and give her classmate her gift, and while in the car, realized I had two skirts on!  It was time for a breather.  So I took a day off and enjoyed a long three day weekend, got a lot done, and started my Easter preparations so I don't have a manic repeat.  Michael's and The Dollar Store have been great stores to hit up.  I picked up these cartons and felt stickers at Michael's to put grass and chocolate eggs and bunnies in for each place setting...

I also set the table for Sunday's lunch, put together Stella's basket, and filled the plastic eggs that we'll put out for her hunt so I'm already feeling stress-free.  I'm rarely this ahead of the game and it feels good!  If you haven't already gathered items for your little one's baskets, I found great things at World Market.  I wanted to get a few large items to fill her basket because I just can't stand tiny little things in the house anymore.  They've overtaken my life.  Moms, you know what I mean. 

A friend of mine from high school has an annual egg hunt, and here are some snapshots from that.  Stella woke up and immediately wanted to get ready for it...

I'll end on a very sweet note.  Tessa from Nine and Sixteen once recommended this brownie recipe, which I made last night.  I've never been a big brownie fan, I suppose because I've had one too many dry ones, but figured I'd try to make them for my husband who normally does not have a sweet tooth but told me he likes brownies.  WOW.  These are perfect!  Even a day after, they are a little chewy on the outside and perfectly moist on the inside.  I highly recommend them.  And they are really easy to make. 

Today, Tessa has a recipe for these darling sugar cookies and an icing tutorial link on her blog.  Don't you want her to be your mommy?  I do!