Friday, April 13, 2012


Hello, hello. Just popping in to post some Easter pics. I adore seeing all of your pictures around these sweet holidays. They just warm my heart and make me smile. I felt a little bit like Super Mom last week when I discovered that Stella was on her way to being a pink-eyed bunny for the holiday, thus feverishly attempted to get antibiotic drops for her after-hours. Had I not, she was going to miss a big egg hunt and two birthday celebrations. I had to jump through some hoops, but this little girl did not miss out in the end. My cape is now at the dry cleaners and Stella is none the wiser. Childhood is such bliss!

We had a late lunch on Easter at our house. I made these jalapeno cream cheese crescent poppers as apps. They were so easy, delish, and you can make them ahead of time, keep them refrigerated and put them in the oven minutes before your guests arrive.  This is a keeper recipe, for sure.

Stella's basket is extra large and I've banned all small items from entering the house because if I don't, Stella will be the subject of a news story, "Toddler Buried By 1,000 Small Plastic Toys". So, I carefully selected a few larger (in scale) items for her basket: a pair of DVF/Gap shoes, a large chocolate bunny, a Richard Scary illustrated book, a candy-filled paper egg, and one of these delicious giant rice crispy treats.

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend. If you're in the areas where they are predicting severe weather, I pray that you'll remain safe. After last week's 17 tornadoes that hit the Dallas area, I'm paying close attention to this particular storm. My husband was on a golf course that day, where a small one touched down, and Stella was huddled in the hallway of her school with nap mats held above their heads. She seemed like one tough cookie when I asked her about her experience because she was very blase about it.  But it must have weighed heavily on her mind because two nights ago she started telling me how scared she was that she would not "come home again to see her mommy and daddy".  Heartbreaking. Why don't I live in Nantucket?              



Pinecone said...

Oh your little sweetie! Scary stuff for the kids with tornados - well for us too!!
Stella's easter basket is so cute - great choices!

Holli said...

What a nice Easter! And yes, those tornadoes were AWFUL that day. I hate when they come thru here.