Tuesday, April 24, 2012

John Derian for Paperless Post

I absolutely prefer good old fashioned paper stationery, however, I just found myself in a time crunch and was thankful for Paperlesspost.com. I sent invitations out for Stella's Kentucky Derby themed 4th birthday party through their site. Have you used them? It's the more stylish, fresher version of e-vite, and while not completely free, the price-friendly option is so very much worth it. They have cards designed by favorites such as Mr. Boddington, Linda & Harriett, and Boatman Geller. Today, they've just launched a collection of invitations, save the dates, and stationery by John Derian (insert squeal).


Jennifer said...

So cute hand't seen the John Derian ones yet!

Pinecone said...

I didn't know about this (what else is new? ;) Thanks for letting us know!
A Kentucky Derby party!! How cute!!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

never heard of this, thank you for sharing...so excited to explore this, great design

Tessa said...


the first evites I would actually consider sending!!! thank you! xo