Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Reason To Have A Party

How adorable is this line of paper party ware at Target?  I have an urge to majorly stock up! I wish you could see the cute dots on the pale blue plates. Better yet, just go take a peek in person.

Those pink & orange!


Pinecone said...

So we are both loving the Target party ware!! I just ended up mixing the colors since they all go so well together. I love the line of cards too - had to buy a few of those!

birdie blue said...

would you believe i spent some time yesterday in that very aisle admiring all of the meri-meri paper goods (did you see the stationery options, too?).

good stuff, my friend.


pve design said...

Only if they had a line of party clothes to go with....looks so festive and fun.

annie said...

I'm in need of a trip to Target...especially with the new "shop" within a shop thing that's coming up soon.