Monday, May 21, 2012

Tiny Tomato Farm

This picture reminds me of the map of my little neighborhood, which is comprised of 8 streets. Each slice of tomato represents a house. We've lived here for 2 years come this Memorial Day weekend and we've gotten to know just a handful of neighbors, whom I really adore. Together, these few women and I have just started an on-line neighborhood community, which we were in desperate need of. We've only been live for a few days and tonight, this post was made below, which made me feel like all of our efforts and discussions over email, wine, and cheese have been worth it. THIS is the kind of community I wanted to be part of and I can't believe we'd never know about Nick and his darling enterprise had it not been for our new connection on-line!

Dear Neighbors,

My name is Nick, I’m 10-years old and I am the proud owner of Nick’s Tomato Farm.
Tomatoes are coming off the vine now.
They taste better than any you can get at the grocery store: fresh, home-grown, organic, and vine-ripened.

They are $2.00 per pound.
Free home delivery in the (our neighborhood) area.
My mom says it’s OK for you to contact me at xxx.

Your sandwiches and salads will thank you.

Owner, Nick’s Tomato Farm
Established 2010


Amy said...

How do I get some nicks tomatoes? I LOVE this!

Katie Moore said...

I just had a quick question in regards to your website. If you could email me at your convenience that would be great!


Tessa said...

can i just tell you how much i adore this?!