Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby Product Love

I am in love with these two new baby products from Infantino. If you've been on an all-day venture with your little one in an umbrella stroller, say to Sea World, you know how much you need this first one...the "Stretch" (only $14.99 at Target).  

While this highchair and grocery cart cover is nothing new,
it's probably the cutest one I've seen.   


JMW said...

So, CUTE! Wish these had been around when my kiddos were babies. Have a great weekend - stay cool!

Brooke said...

Love this post! I am 31 weeks this week, so looking for all the great advice I can get! I have been hosing a "guest post" series of first-time moms sharing the most and least favorite baby products!

You can check it out on my blog! I am your newest follower - hope you'll follow back if you enjoy my blog!


Town and Country Gals said...

Love it, how handy and cute! Will have to check it out for Kate! The cover is adorable! Never had any of this stuff when I had my 3, back in the "dark ages"!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

My kids are big now, but those products are so useful and adorable. Im always amazed at how many great products are out there, and that there is so much more to choose from in just the 15 years since I had my first little man.