Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Recap

Hello, friends. I hope to not be a stranger much longer. For us, summer has come and gone in a wink of an eye. It's not my favorite time of year...heat, West Nile, I'm happy girl September is around the corner! Stella started her second year of dancing this week, she begins Pre-k on Monday, and I'm looking forward to a new chapter the autumn brings. In the meantime, I thought I'd post a few pictures of how we spent our summer.

First up, a road trip to San Antonio, hoping Sea World would suffice until we're ready for Disney one day...

While in San Antonio, we stumbled upon this great place for lunch.
And yes, it's slanted!
I picked up one of these and am saving it for Christmas from an adorable children's shop that had just opened, Roo & Me. I felt so proud of myself because I don't usually buy that far ahead for Christmas.
We had dinner at Mi Tierra, which is a huge Mexican restaurant and bakery that stays open 24 hours and is decorated like a thousand pinatas have exploded.
In early June, Stella performed in her first dance recital and even had a tiny solo. She cried hard backstage so when I ran back to my seat just in time for her number, I wasn't even sure if she'd come out on stage! But she did and she was a shining star. Here she is backstage, in the middle, surrounded by the most precious group of girls.

We had cousins visit from Florida.

We acquired a new pet fish, Chloe.
She's tiny and peach, just like Stella.

I discovered the sub-culture that is Instagram, but only love it since further discovering Statigram, where you can view Instagram pictures on your PC, laptop, etc., not just your iPhone. Seriously, this is where the party is and as usual, I'm late. Here are a few of my summer snapshots of life over on Instagram...

I've also been working on a little project that I hope to launch next holiday season. It's taken up the better portion of my daydreaming. I have been collecting images on Tumblr as inspiration. Here is my page, The Tiny Whale, if you want to escape and feel like you're in a New England coastal town: 

Last but not least, my sister got engaged to the sweetest guy! Love this shot of them in Mexico. Would you believe, he proposed in the exact same spot Jeff and I married?!


Nelle Somerville said...

Love the Statigram details. I'm Baltiville. Can't wait to check out your Tumblr. Stella is too cute for words. Hope you all stay far from the skeeters. Eeek. Xoxo

eas said...

Fun summer! I love those purses you found. Have fun with the fish. We are on Sarah #4 this week. A red Beta fish and we don't have the heart to tell our daughter Sarah #1 passed away.

Arahbella said...

Hi! I was browsing your blog and loved it! I actually found it from Pinterest and it was a christmas post from last year that brought me here. Anyway, your posts are so fun to read and I would love for you to link up to my linky party, Spark. Each month we have a new theme and this months is fall. I really enjoy reading your posts and would be thrilled if you linked up :)
It's at:

Hopefully I'll see you there!