Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brag Books

We now have smart phones chalk-full with photos to show off our little ones, but who doesn't still love a good old fashioned brag book? These are the most precious ones I have seen {found at Paper & Chocolate, my favorite paper store in Dallas}. The gingham ones are actually silk.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Stock The Bar

This weekend we had a "stock the bar" couples shower to attend. I was a bit stumped as I didn't want to bring just a bottle of liquor and I didn't give myself enough time to have cocktail napkins monogrammed. And how many martini shakers can one get? Thankfully, I found a beautiful tall glass pitcher at Pottery Barn with the accompanying glass wand to stir and muddle. I included a bottle of bourbon and a recipe for The Perfect Mint Julep. We used this recipe for Stella's Kentucky Derby birthday party and they were a hit. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tooth Fairy

There truly is an app for everything. Visa has launched a Tooth Fairy Calculator app so you can determine how much to leave under the pillow. I guess the $1 days are a bygone era. And the way you store your tooth was never as fashionable as it is now. I have this porcelain box ready for Stella's first tooth (there is a fairy wand painted on the inside).

There are so many cute options, though.
The monogrammed square ones
have me rethinking the box above.







Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rise & Shine

Labor Day weekend was wonderful and relaxing. I actually sat and read through an entire magazine. OK, I didn't really read...but I flipped through every single page slowly. If you're a mom, you know this is a feat! 

During the weekend, I made smoothies using a new find...dark chocolate Pure Almond. I'm not a fan of drinking this on it's own, though, it's not bad. But in a smoothie, it's great. I added vanilla Greek Yogurt, a banana, and ice to this as well. What's your favorite smoothie ingredient?

p.s. adding a straw to your drinks makes it more fun. This colorful pack I picked up at Target.