Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tooth Fairy

There truly is an app for everything. Visa has launched a Tooth Fairy Calculator app so you can determine how much to leave under the pillow. I guess the $1 days are a bygone era. And the way you store your tooth was never as fashionable as it is now. I have this porcelain box ready for Stella's first tooth (there is a fairy wand painted on the inside).

There are so many cute options, though.
The monogrammed square ones
have me rethinking the box above.








birdie blue said...

love the little porcelain box for stella's first tooth, miss tiffany. you're all set. somehow, the toothfairy began leaving $5 bills at our house (due to their nana). i wish i had thought longer about how that tradition would go amongst the four girls...


eas said...

Oh i love the box you have for stella. When do thry start losing teeth amyways?

Poor fishies. I just feel terrible...Glad we aren't the only ones.

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Jason Stanley said...

I stumbled across your blog looking for leaving gifts, the cushions look beautiful! Thanks.