Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Selby

The question was recently posed by Nowness...who would you like to see The Selby photograph?  I thought any of the Olsen sisters would be great, Anna Wintour, and oddly, based on this photo below, Anh Duong.  I have this tear-out from an old Elle Decor.
Speaking of The Selby, I loved seeing a behind the scenes peek at Tartine as part of The Edible Selby for The New York Times T Magazine.  Tartine is only one of my most favorite little spots!


Unknown said...

Those tartines are making my mouth water so much!

JMW said...

I had not seen this feature in the NT Times T Magazine - it all looks so very good. My gosh, those frangipane croissants! I'm gaining weight just looking at them!

Karena said...

Oh how delish and I would love to have lunch with HER!

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